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University of Michigan School of Information


DEI Committee

The UMSI DEI Committee is one of several groups at the School of Information that focus on building an equitable and inclusive school community and addressing priority needs. The DEI Committee’s priorities are determined by UMSI’s DEI Office Leadership in consultation with the UMSI Leadership team and informed by UMSI community feedback and consultation. The committee also raises issues it identifies to the school leadership. 

The Committee is composed of a combination of faculty, staff, and students including faculty specifically assigned to address anti-racism in the curriculum and a DEI Graduate Student Assistant (GSSA). 

The DEI Committee is organized into subcommittees which may vary from year to year depending on priorities. Examples of subcommittees include:

  • Anti-Racist Curriculum
    • Mission: Evaluate and integrate anti-racist content and pedagogy into the UMSI curriculum. 
  • Climate Assessment 
    • Mission: Understand the issues and experiences of our community, especially those of members from underserved or marginalized groups, through conversations, surveys, focus groups, feedback forms, and so on. 
  • Workshops and Engagement 
    • Mission: Recommend, design, and pilot workshops and other forms of engagement that allow members of our community to learn about ways in which they can better contribute to diversity, inclusion, and equity. 

Contact Information: 

For more information about the DEI committee including questions and/or input about subcommittee work, involvement and priorities you can reach the co-chairs via email at [email protected].

2022-2023 UMSI DEI Committee Members

Kentaro Toyama

Kentaro Toyama, Faculty Co-Chair 

W K Kellogg Professor of Community Information and Professor of Information, School of Information




A headshot of Ricky Punzalan

Ricky Punzalan, Faculty Co-Chair

Associate Professor of Information, School of Information




Devon Keen

Devon Keen, Staff Co-chair

Director of Inclusion, Equity and Outreach




A headshot of Amy Homkes-Hayes

Amy Homkes-Hayes, Staff Co-chair

Associate Director of Online Programs and Strategic Advisor to the Leadership Team on Online Programs and Digital Content




A headshot of Michaelanne Thomas

Michaelanne Thomas, faculty

Assistant Professor of Information, School of Information




A headshot of Colleen Van Lent

Colleen Van Lent, faculty

Lecturer IV in Information, School of Information




Mustafa Naseem

Mustafa Naseem, faculty

Clinical Assistant Professor of Information




Anthea Josias

Anthea Josias, faculty

Lecturer III in Information




A headshot of Allison Sweet

Allison Sweet, staff

Assistant Director of Student Life




Jessica Sendra

Jessica Sendra, staff

Associate Director of Marketing and Communications




A headshot of LeAnna Level

LeAnna Level, staff

Recruitment and Student Success Manager




A headshot of Amanda Aquino

Amanda Reyes Aquino, staff

HR Assistant




A headshot of Sandra Lopez

Sandra Lopez (admin support), staff

DEI Outreach Coordinator




A headshot of Dushyanth Aluwihare

Dushyanth Aluwihare, GSSA

DEI Committee Graduate Student Staff Assistant




A headshot of Anne Chang

Anne Chang, SIMA representative

Master of Science in Information student




A headshot of Morgan Miller

Morgan Miller, SIBA representative

Bachelor of Science in Information student




A headshot of Yara Seif

Yara Seif, MADSA representative

Master of Applied Data Science student




A headshot of Jane Im

Jane Im, DEC representative

PhD in Information student