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University of Michigan School of Information


DEI Committee

The UMSI DEI Committee is one of several groups at the School of Information that focus on building an equitable and inclusive school community and addressing priority needs. The DEI Committee’s priorities are determined by UMSI’s DEI Office leadership in consultation with the UMSI leadership team and informed by UMSI community feedback and consultation. The committee also raises issues it identifies to the school leadership. 

The committee is composed of a combination of faculty, staff and students including faculty specifically assigned to address anti-racism in the curriculum and a DEI Graduate Student Assistant (GSSA). 

The DEI Committee is organized into subcommittees which may vary from year to year depending on priorities. The subcommittees for the 23-24 school year are:

  • Anti-Racist Curriculum
    • Mission: Coordinate with academic program committees to review and implement a multiyear plan to integrate anti-racist content and pedagogy into the UMSI curriculum.
  • DEI 2.0 Implementation 
    • Mission: Promote DEI 2.0 strategic plan awareness and engage the UMSI community and designing accountability measures.
  • Culture of Care 
    • Mission: Develop a plan for establishing and implementing a "culture of care" within UMSI, based on values, skills, norms and activities that represent community values, skills, and norms.

Contact Information: 

For more information about the DEI committee including questions and/or input about subcommittee work, involvement and priorities you can reach the co-chairs via email at [email protected].