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DEI Funding

The UMSI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office is pleased to announce the continued availability of funding to support individual and group DEI efforts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are in the process of transitioning to a new request form and process. We will send emails and publicize our DEI funding linking to the new form as soon as it is available (expected by end of September). If you have a time sensitive request, or any questions or concerns please email [email protected].

Note that the UMSI DEI Funding request form is for requests from UMSI students, staff or faculty (including postdoctoral fellows).

Co-sponsorship Requests
If you are from a U-M campus organization or unit outside of UMSI and are seeking co-sponsorship for a campus activity or event that would be open to and of interest to the UMSI community, please email your co-sponsorship request to [email protected] in lieu of completing this form.

UMSI DEI Funding is intended to support activities, events, programs or professional development that further our collective understanding of and attention to diversity, equity and inclusion. We thus ask funding recipients to share a report that includes any learning outcomes, resources or tools that might benefit the UMSI community and/or larger university community. We are especially interested in funding efforts that advance efforts to dismantle systemic racism and address inequities impacting any and all underrepresented groups.

The UMSI DEI Funding may be used for:

  • Speaker or facilitator fees/honorariums (subject to approval prior to the event and reserved for instances when a fee is required by the speaker)
  • Conference attendance or educational activity attendance focused entirely on DEI related topics and/or identity based professional development/networking. When DEI specific sessions are included as part of a broader event, when documentation can be provided of attendance at DEI specific sessions, and with consideration of overall cost, support will be considered. This criteria is intended to ensure that DEI funding is applied where it can make the most impact in terms of DEI focused professional development.
  • DEI-related research (including dissertation research when other sources of funding are not available or do not cover necessary expenses)
  • Refreshments or meals
  • Supplies, materials, resources or equipment
  • Other expenses that support the stated activity


Requests for funding should be made well in advance, ideally 4-6 weeks before your activity or event will take place. Funding requests will be reviewed and decided by DEI Office administration in consultation with the DEI Committee. The DEI Office will aim to provide an initial response within 7 business days, and a decision within 14 business days of receiving the request. 

Submit a Funding Request (U-M login required).

If you have questions or concerns about your request, please email [email protected].