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UMSI DEI Funding

The UMSI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office is pleased to announce the continued availability of funding to support individual and group DEI efforts initiated by UMSI students, staff or faculty.

The UMSI DEI Funding request form is reserved for requests from UMSI students, staff or faculty (including postdoctoral fellows). Please read the following and link to the request form, below.

Co-sponsorship requests

If you are from a U-M campus organization or unit outside of UMSI and are seeking co-sponsorship for a campus activity or event that would be open to and of interest to the UMSI community, do not complete this form. Instead, please email your co-sponsorship request to [email protected].

UMSI DEI Funding is intended to support activities, events, programs or professional development that further our collective understanding of and advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion. As such, funding recipients are required to share a brief report that includes learning outcomes, resources or tools that might benefit the UMSI community and/or larger university community. 


UMSI DEI Funding may be used for:

  • Speaker or workshop facilitator fees for programs or events intended for UMSI students, staff and/or faculty
  • Access to online resources or training
  • Conference attendance or educational activity attendance focused specifically on DEI related topics and/or identity based professional development/networking. A significant, day long or multi-day DEI program as part of a broader conference will be considered depending on overall costs and availability of funds.
  • DEI-related research and/or fieldwork (including dissertation research when other sources of funding are not available or do not cover necessary expenses)
  • Refreshments or meals as part of a workshop or event
  • Supplies, materials, resources or equipment
  • Other expenses that support the stated activity


Please submit requests at least 4 weeks in advance of your program or event and at least 5-6 weeks in advance of conference date to allow for reasonable airfare and hotel. We will do our best to acknowledge your request within 3 business days and to provide a decision within 1-2 weeks. Decisions are based on the criteria described on the DEI funding information page. Funds will be awarded until the annual available budget is expended. 

Funding requests will be reviewed and decided by DEI Office staff leaders. The DEI Committee is consulted on and approves the DEI funding criteria, and is consulted on requests that fall outside of the current criteria but have potential for positive impact. 

Submit a UMSI DEI Funding Request

Note: This is a new form. If you have any issues or problems completing it, or if you have questions or want to discuss your request or ideas, please email [email protected].