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University of Michigan School of Information


Aligning Values: How to Find a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Company Culture

02/17/2021, 05:00 pm - 06:30 pm

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UMSI grad Carrie Sawyer (MSI 2005) is the CEO and Principal Facilitator at Diversity by Design, a San Diego firm that uses design thinking to help leaders cultivate inclusive environments where all people can thrive. She is also the founder of the Inclusion 1st Project, a platform that uses honest dialog to help people practice antiracism in their everyday lives. Carrie has held Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager positions at Intel and Qualcomm.  

Carrie returns to UMSI with the goal of educating and promoting student advocacy and empowerment for diversity, equity and inclusion in the workforce. While the event is designed for students as the primary audience, it is open to the UMSI community as the goals and objectives can benefit those who are interested in learning how to align their own DEI values into their careers in more strategic and intentional ways. 

Participants will learn:

  • Why DEI is important to a company culture
  • What makes a company culture diverse, equitable, and inclusive and how to find the evidence 
  • How to identify a company’s anti-racism, and diversity, equity and inclusion policies throughout the different stages of the employee life cycle
  • How to conduct pre-interview research to identify companies committed to DEI
  • What questions to ask during the interview/hiring process to assess company culture by identifying how well companies foster DEI holistically
  • I'm hired! How to get involved in diversity, equity, and inclusion at your new company

This event is sponsored by:
UMSI Career Development Office
UMSI Development & Alumni Relations 
UMSI DEI Committee

Carrie Sawyer Headshot

Speaker: Carrie Sawyer, CEO and Principal Facilitator at Diversity by Design, a San Diego firm that uses design thinking to help leaders cultivate inclusive environments where all people can thrive.

With almost two decades of experience in human centered design, Carrie launched Diversity by Design after using her people-centered approach to build and implement diversity and inclusion strategies at both Intel and Qualcomm. She loves sharing inclusive insights that elevate business thinking and help teams to perform at their highest levels and create environments where all people can thrive.

Carrie began her diversity career in high tech as a Diversity Program Manager at Intel, where she was responsible for building inclusive teams with a special focus on programs that supported females and underrepresented minorities. She went on to join Qualcomm as a Manager of Inclusion and Diversity, where she developed a diversity and inclusion roadmap, managed employee resources groups, and used design thinking to explore how inclusion impacted women and millennials at the company.

Carrie recently launched the Inclusion 1st™ Project, a collaborative exploration of inclusion through the questions of allies in the Antiracist Movement. By creating a safe space for honest dialog, her goal is to support allies who want to unlearn racism from the inside out and co-create societal frameworks that put inclusion first.

Carrie earned her MSI in Human Computer Interaction from the University of Michigan School of Information in 2005, and has a bachelor's degree in New Media Arts & Science from Indiana University.

Upon graduating from UMSI, Carrie worked as a UX Architect for HSBC and Manifest Digital in Chicago.  From there her career advanced to a UX Research Manager for; Sr UX Researcher at Sears Holdings; HCI Researcher for Qualcomm prior to shifting to DEI Program Officer positions for both Intel and Qualcomm.