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University of Michigan School of Information


Strategies for Academic Success: Time Management Strategies

“Strategies for Academic Success: A Virtual Interdisciplinary Series. Academic Success Toolbox. September 27, 2022. 12 pm - 1 pm. Managing Burnout. October 25, 2022. 12 pm - 1 pm. Time Management Strategies. January 24, 2023. 12 pm - 1 pm. Recognizing and Combating Imposter Syndrome. March 14, 2023.  12 pm - 1 pm.” An arrow points to a QR code on the left half of the graphic. “Scan here to learn more!” Logos for University of Michigan Schools of Public Health, Engineering, and Information.

01/24/2023 Noon - 1:00 p.m.

Register via Sessions @ Michigan: 

Are there never enough hours in the day? Learn tools, tips, and strategies to improve your time management skills. We will discuss how time management is related to stress management and how to get more control over your schedule. This session will introduce some new skills and ideas to better prioritize what needs to get done while still taking care of yourself and feeling good about your day.