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UMSI Fun Size

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UMSI's Fun Size digest features tiny, delicious news tidbits relating to information and library topics. Reach us at

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8/13/19: Poker bot knows when to hold 'em
Live-streaming funerals, decision-making apps, a stingy publisher and your so-called "anonymous" data.

7/3/19: Mona Lisa moves her lips 
Fake news gets harder to detect, a futuristic library, getting Alexa to erase the day’s recording, great sources for free photos and how to TikTok.

6/4/19: Librarian KO's Jeopardy! Champ
James Holzhauer's reign ends, weird things found in library books, gender stereotypes in voice assistants, Facebook’s uneven privacy settings, and using housing to predict car accidents.

5/6/19: Jeopardy! champion’s secret weapon
Let an algorithm plan your diet, Denmark’s all-night libraries, IG memers get feisty, and just how did the Jeopardy! Juggernaut get so smart?

4/3/19: Six scary things about AI
A $60 million facelift for the Library of Congress, a map that shows the world’s religions, McDonald’s gobbles up Big Data, and the internet might just save some dying languages.

3/6/19: Walk the mean streets of 14th century London
The secret history of women in coding, neural network Valentines, a medieval murder map of London.

2/4/19: Ding dong, doorbell snooping
Nazi-stolen books returned, Alexa’s eavesdropping, robot dog learns new tricks.

1/10/19: Job skills most in demand in 2019
Hong Kong kids nix esports, print books are coming back, ways to discreetly ditch chatty friends on social, and thousands of new (old) books now in the public domain.

12/5/18: Indie booksellers boycott Amazon
Video game mimics dementia, AI paints a pricey portrait, NYC book sorters flex their muscles, and a bookselling behemoth is brought to heel.

11/9/18: The origin of Ctrl+Alt+Del
Check your city’s rising temperature, virtual border guards, Silicon Valley kids go screenless.

10/17/18: Is Banned Book Week obsolete?
Google turns 20 and shares a timeline, Chrome wants URLS to disappear, a ghost librarian is the newest Avenger, and why “Log in with Facebook” isn’t such a good idea.

9/13/18: Salty librarian spouts off
Why you shouldn't reshelve books, ways to keep Amazon from tracking every darned thing about you, and a Facebook fake-spotting quiz.

8/1/18: What if Google paid you?
Unicorns at birth, protecting your car keyfob code from thieves, the value of your personal data to advertisers and more gorgeous library pinups.

7/9/18: Is your SmartTV watching you?
Get more from Gmail, discover which of your tech gadgets is most likely to be hacked, digital wellness, best education for future tech jobs, and a self-appointed censor stalks the stacks.

6/8/18: Tweet M for Murder
Cracking the Vatican code, the non-view from 30,000 feet, baby’s first word, and reclaiming your privacy.

5/9/18: Coders are cool - really!
Free money, top-paying tech fields, what Apple knows about you, mmm - bacon!

4/6/18: This rare book can kill you
Librarian wardrobes, career-boosting MOOCs, IoT for toddlers, Google ponies up millions for teen digital literacy but drops

3/1/18: 5 things AI is good for
Librarians on horseback, K-12 digital education, a stunning collection of photos depicting the lives of families around the world by income, and can Apple make a less addictive iPhone?

2/1/18: Best email opening lines
Educating future librarians, an anglerfish emoji, cooking shows for millennials, Amazon's new pay-as-you-go store and how to get people to respond to your emails.