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Fun Size for 5/9/18: Coders are cool - really!

Six-figure-plus tech jobs
Tech Republic finds rich pickings in emerging tech fields like the Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality and data science, where job postings feature salaries that top $100K according to tech staffing agency Mondo.  

Libraries as sacred spaces
From The Guardian: Swiss photographer Thomas Guignard loves library architecture and shares his photos of beautiful libraries around the world on his Instagram account, @concretelibraries. He’s even found a few lens-worthy gems on the U-M campus. 

Facebook’s mea culpa, sorta
Facebook knows it’s been a baaaaad boy and promises to do better in a new video ad that admits “something happened” to send the social media platform off the rails. The image spot tugs at your heart like a Hallmark commercial without really admitting fault, says The Verge.

Coders are people too
One young software engineer is seeking to dispel the stereotypes of his profession. Far from being an anti-social loner, peering at screen in a dark cubicle surrounded by stacks of pizza boxes, Camilo Hurtado believes coding is collaborative and exciting, offering opportunities to solve complex problems and make the world a better place, according to an interview on

Make $$$ online
We’ve all heard that billions of unclaimed dollars are sitting in banks and state treasuries—turns out, it’s true. The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators created a handy website with links to every state’s unclaimed property division. Just type in your name (or anyone else’s – including celebrities)  to find out if dollars are due. Hours of fiscal and potentially rewarding fun.

Bringin’ home the Bacoin
Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer marketer, clever enough to have dreamed up Bacoin, a faux crypto-currency that can be redeemed for actual slices of yummy bacon. The more you Tweet, the more you eat. TechCrunch has the details, plus the hammy video that explains the game. 

Ten most challenged books of 2017 
This annual ALA list, released in April, showed a small jump in the number of books whose right to shelf space in libraries was challenged in 2017. Book Bub’s blog offers a plot summary and the reasons why parents and community members objected to each. To Kill a Mockingbird is back, along with Kite Runner. 

Creepy crawly VR
When Disney teams up with the likes of Carnegie Mellon and MIT, engineering magic can happen. Like a force jacket to wear with a virtual reality headset that allows you to feel what you’re seeing – fun things like getting smacked with a snowball or having a snake crawl over your body. The Verge has this story

Speaking of VR, on May 3, Google introduced its first interactive virtual reality/360° Doodle to celebrate the work of magician and early filmmaker Georges Méliès – so enchanting, it’s worth watching twice.

Go Apple picking
Hey, Apple users, curious about what Apple knows about you? Thanks to some new European Union regs, Apple is now making it possible (not easy, but possible) for you to download a file containing all the information the company retains about you. This tom’s guide site shows you step-by-step how to access your file.

 News from UMSI

Leaders and Best: Two UMSI alumni have been elected to leadership roles in the Society for American Archivists. Michelle Light (MSI ’99) is the Vice President/President Elect, while Ricardo Punzalan (PhD ’12) will serve as a Council member. Read more