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UMSI Fun Size for 11/12/2018: The origin of Ctrl+Alt+Del

Three-finger salute
In a zippy video  from Fast Company, IBM PC pioneer engineer Dr. Dave Bradley explains how “control-alt-delete” became the keystrokes we use to restart the computer when it stops cooperating.  

Our intriguing internet
We use the internet every day, but what do we really know about it? What is it,  exactly? How big is it, how much energy does it use, and what’s the difference between the internet and the world wide web? The Guardian answers 13 questions about the internet that will make you go “wow.” 

Video time capsule
The Library of Congress has introduced its new National Screening Room, a free collection of digitized historical films, commercials, newreels and more in the public domain. At present, the Screening Room contains 299 videos, including a midwives training film and a backstage view of NBC radio in the 1940s. Have fun!

Hot enough for you?
If not, just wait a few decades. This rather unsettling and dramatic interactive visualization  of how your city’s climate will change by 2050 appears on

I’m sorry, I can’t let you board, Dave
Some European airports are introducing a virtual border guard avatar that uses AI to monitor faces and determine if a passenger is lying when asked travel-related questions. Suspect travelers will be referred to a human guard for further interrogation, according to CNN Travel

Digital divide in reverse
What’s going on when rich kids get wooden toys and poor kids get smartphones? Calling digital technology a “huge social experiment on children,” some affluent parents, even in Silicon Valley, are trying to raise their children screen-free in hopes of their developing better social skills in this New York Times story.

Books by the slice
Little Free Libraries come in all shapes and sizes, everything from birdhouses to castles. One sharp-eyed Altas Obscura author tracked down the story of the Little Free Libraries that resemble Pizza Huts, located outside several of that franchise’s stores. 

Bargain counter
If there’s room in your home for a few more tech devices, here are two limited time offers. Courtesy of MakeUseOf.comSpotify is offering a free Google Home Mini for family accounts until December 31 (U.S. homes only), while Amazon has announced its Black Friday discounts on items like Fire tablets and Echo Dots, with some kicking off mid-month, ZDNet reports.

Sexiest job of the 21st century
Not everyone will have the potential to “Become a Data Scientist in 8 Easy Steps,” but this infographic posted on helps identify what you need to do to transition into this hot, high-demand field. 

Bot or not?
First there were bots on the internet that tried to seem like humans, but they weren’t very good. Then they got better. Now, as demonstrates, it’s harder to tell when it’s a bot or a human—not just because chatbots are getting better at imitating humans, but humans are acting increasingly like bots. 

News from UMSI
It’s official! The Master of Applied Data Science, UMSI’s first online degree, has cleared all the approvals needed to launch in Fall 2019. Read more and sign up for the interest list to be the first to know about program updates.