UMSI hosts iDEI event for University of Michigan Diversity Summit

In conjunction with the U-M Diversity Summit, UMSI held a TED-talk-style event, iDEI: Talks at the Intersection of Information, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in North Quad on November 9. A full house of faculty, staff and students gathered in Space 2435 at noon to share lunch and insights.

Alissa Talley-Pixley discussed "UMSI Service Week & DEI," Patricia Garcia advocated for “STEM Participation & Identity Exploration," Marissa Taylor and Devon Keen explained the importance of "Valuing Transfer Students," Tawfiq Ammari elaborated on the relationship between "Social Media, Parenting & Gender Equality," Tamy Guberek talked about "Technology, Risk & Privacy Among Undocumented Immigrants” and Joyojeet Pal shared an anecdote titled "Machiavelli and the Tree."

PhD student Allan Martell enjoyed the variety of talks “from full-fledged action-oriented research projects, such as Professor Garcia's work, to reflections in the aftermath of personal experiences with people different from ourselves, such as the case of professor Pal's talk.”

He especially appreciated Tamy Guberek’s talk. “As a Spanish-speaking international student, my visa grants me a series of privileges that many others who have also come from my region of the world do not enjoy. It is my hope that we can showcase more of the work the school is already doing with this and other marginalized communities, of which the talks of iDEI are examples.”

Staff member Rachel Wiener said “At just this one event we were exposed to both research and practice… the content was digestible, applicable, and actionable in terms of how we as a school can engage with these topics at whatever perspective we are coming from.”

Lightning talks were followed by casual conversation between speakers and attendees.

“We wanted to offer an event that would bring the UMSI community together to hear faculty, staff and student voices sharing about real work being done across research, service, and programmatic initiatives in support of our values and our goals for diversity, equity and inclusion,” said Judy Lawson, Assistant Dean for DEI.

Posted November 16, 2017