UMSI diversity committee funding request

The UMSI Diversity Committee actively works to increase the diversity of our school, and also to make it a welcoming environment for everyone who chooses to share their unique strengths here at UMSI. The committee is offering funding to encourage and support school-wide efforts to enact the school diversity goals. Funding requests can be made by individuals or groups within the UMSI Community (students, staff, and faculty). Funding can also be used towards collaborative efforts between UMSI and one or more other UM group, department, or unit.

If you have questions or concerns about your request, please contact the UMSI Diversity Committee at

The UMSI Diversity Committee Funding is intended to support activities, events, programs, or initiatives that support diversity, equity, and inclusion that benefit the UMSI community and/or the larger UM community*. These include but not limited to: education, outreach, community building, resources or tools. Events or activities are expected to be held within or near North Quad when possible.

The UMSI Diversity Committee Funding may be used for:

  • Speaker or facilitator fees/honorariums, travel expenses, etc.
  • Refreshments or meals
  • Supplies or equipment
  • Other expenses that support the stated activity

Examples of approved funding requests in the past include:

  • Erin Teague - women in technology series speaker (Career Development Office) $2,000
  • Jonathan Obar - big data discrimination talk for MLK symposium (UMSI Multicultural Information Exchange) $1,200
  • Building UMSI Presence at Grace Hopper Technology Conference (Paul Resnick and Office of Student Affairs) $6,000, supporting 5 students
  • Student Culture Sharing Event (School of Information Master's Association - SIMA) $200
  • Michigan Challenge Experience on diverse teams for Research Experience for Master's Students (Beth Yakel and Veronica Falandino) $150
  • Co-hosting with the UM Spectrum Center an LGBTQ Ally training session (Kelly Kowatch, Katy Dunn, SIMA) $100
  • Dale Long - Social change talk following viewing of 4 Little Girls film (PhD student Charles Senteio) $700

 * If you or an organization is co-sponsoring with other schools or organizations across UM campus please specify. If you are collaborating with other schools or organizations across UM campus, there may be other resources available that you can pursue so that we may fund as many requests as possible.


Requests for funding should be made well in advance, ideally 4-6 weeks before your activity or event will take place. Funding requests will be reviewed and decided by members of the Diversity Committee. If other sources are available please pursue them so that we may stretch our budget to meet as many requests as possible. We will do our best to provide a decision within 14 days of receiving the request. Receipts will be required to confirm use of funds and all UMSI and University policies will be followed for the use of funding and expense report process.

Click to submit a funding request (U-M login required).

Post event evaluation 

After the event, please provide the UMSI Diversity Committee with a brief report of:

  • What you did to promote the event
  • Who attended the event (with an emphasis on participation from UMSI)
  • Any lessons about organizing the event you think we could learn from