Diversity at the School of Information

First cohort of students to participate in the Global Information Engagement Program in 2014.

The University of Michigan School of Information is a scholarly community of faculty, staff and students who come together from hundreds of unique backgrounds. This diversity is a key advantage of the school. We also seek diversity in our school because doing so helps to build a better world.

United by our interest in making technology and the communication of information between people better, and sharing the belief that our efforts can change the world, we use our many backgrounds, orientations and points of view to shape our research, teaching and learning. Together, we produce better, more creative work than we would have been able to accomplish without so many different, strong contributions. We trust each other’s commitment to the school’s mission, and seek to understand and take advantage of the insights and experiences that make our stories different.

UMSI is unique in how broadly it approaches information problems, bringing together the intellectual diversity of a dozen social and technological sciences. A community of students, faculty and staff that is multicultural, international and representing differences in countless other ways is essential to maintain that edge. We actively work to increase the diversity of our school, and also to make it a welcoming environment for everyone who chooses to share their unique strengths here at UMSI.

What is your story? What do you bring to the table? Join us, and explore the possibilities.

For more information on the initiatives to fulfill this commitment, please download the Full Statement on Diversity and Goals.

2015-2016 UMSI Diversity Committee:

Margaret Hedstrom, faculty co-chair
Judy Lawson, staff co-chair
Mike Williams, staff member
Sarah Argiero, staff member
Trinity Lin, BSI student
Xiaojie Liu, Master's student
Andrea Barbarin, PhD student
Tanya Rosenblat, faculty member
Christian Sandvig, faculty member

Please contact the UMSI Diversity Committee at umsi.diversity@umich.edu with any questions or concerns.  We also invite you to contact us to share your stories, experiences, suggestions, events, and anything else related to diversity at UMSI.

The UMSI Diversity Committee has funding available for events that support the UMSI Statement on Diversity and Goals. For more information and the request form, visit the Diversity Committee Funding Information page. For questions about funding, contact umsi.diversity.funding@umich.edu.

You can stay updated on diversity initiatives at U-M by visiting this website. This site serves as the gateway to the many people and programs that support and advance diversity at the University of Michigan.