Outstanding staff recognition award

Description: This award may be given annually to an UMSI staff member who contributed in an outstanding way to advancing the UMSI mission. This may be accomplished in various ways, for example by exhibiting exemplary work qualities, solving challenging problems, demonstrating the willingness to always go the extra mile, or fostering the collaboration of others.

What the recipient receives:

  • Cash award of $500 (after taxes)
  • Name recognition on a service award plaque
  • An individualized engraved award to display
  • Recognition at the School of Information staff meeting in June

Nominations due: April 28, 2017

Eligibility: All regular (non-temporary) staff (full-time or part-time) in the School (except those serving on the selection committee listed below).

Criteria: Consideration will be given to nominees who have made significant contributions or demonstrated special qualities and attributes, in service of the UMSI mission. Candidates may include staff who:

  • Excel in work performance
  • Regularly exhibit a willingness to help others, above and beyond normal duties
  • Exhibit unusually strong commitment, dependability or reliability in their work
  • Demonstrate unusual ability to problem solve or effectively manage change
  • Establish and maintain positive and effective working relations with internal and external customers
  • Build collaborative and cooperative partnerships with other colleagues  

Who can submit nominations? All members of the School’s community (students, faculty, staff and alumni).

How to nominate: Complete the online form.

Selection committee: The committee is composed of the chair, who is a member of the senior management team, and the winners of the previous year’s Outstanding Staff and Peer-to-Peer awards. The chairship rotates alphabetically through the senior managers. Committee members cannot be nominated for the award.  In 2016-2017, the Staff Award Selection Committee is Becky O'Brien (Chair), Katie Dunn and John Lockard. 

Outstanding staff award recipients:

2016-17 Todd Stuart
2015-16: Katie Dunn
2014-15: Alissa Talley-Pixley
2013-14: Kelly Kowatch
2012-13: Heather Carpenter
2011-12: Becky O'Brien

Questions? Please contact selection committee chair Becky O'Brien at beckyobr@umich.edu