Credit-based internship courses

UMSI master’s students may complete credit-based internships to fulfill the UMSI Internship Program requirement for the MSI degree. SI 690 Internship/Field Experience is offered each term for 1-6 credits. SI 681 Internship/Field Experience and Practical Engagement Seminar involves 6 credits of summer internship; credits are applied to the prior winter term when internship requirements are completed with a one-session seminar. Students must work with the UMSI Career Development Office in advance of starting work on an internship in order to confirm that it will meet requirements for credit and to obtain permission to register. For details, visit the UMSI Internship Program page.

Credit-based internships are generally not available for SI doctoral students. However, international doctoral students may elect Rackham 998 to qualify for Curricular Practical Training for an optional internship.