GSI/GSRA opportunities

Graduate assistantships are opportunities for students to be involved in teaching, research, or employment on campus. Typically, assistantships are very competitive opportunities that carry a strong financial aid package that may include tuition, stipend, and health benefits. At UMSI, the most common types of assistantships are teaching assistantships and research assistantships. Learn about success stories from current UMSI students, including statistics on how many students get positions, which departments typically hire UMSI students, and tips and strategies on how to find GSI/GSRA positions. 

Teaching assistantships (GSIs)

Some UMSI students with relevant backgrounds have obtained Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) positions teaching undergraduates in other departments (such as psychology, communications, English, chemistry, etc.).   In general, GSI positions are highly competitive, and tend to value teaching experience.  There are also opportunities for grader positions in some departments, which support instructors.  See posted positions


 Research assistantships (GSRAs)

UMSI students may be hired as a Graduate Student Research Assistantship (GSRA), which is a competitive position awarded by individual faculty who have funded research projects. Strategies for increasing your competitiveness for GSRA positions include: taking courses taught by faculty whose research interests you, discussing mutual interests during office hours, or offering to work as an hourly research assistant. GSRA positions cover tuition and offer students a substantial stipend and health insurance. Learn more about UMSI's extensive research endeavors.