External scholarships

UMSI students receive scholarships from a variety of sources. Our external scholarships spreadsheet provides information regarding scholarships available to graduate students in the field of information. We also provide information regarding diversity scholarships and scholarships for veterans.

Professional organizations

Over the years, many UMSI students have received scholarships from a number of professional organizations. These external scholarship awards are eligible for matching funds from UMSI (double matching funds for students who have not already received a UMSI tuition scholarship), up to a maximum of $10,000 and subject to availability.

The Special Libraries Association (SLA) offers scholarships for master's students studying librarianship. As many as three $6,000 SLA scholarships are available each year.The American Library Association (ALA) and its units provide more than $300,000 annually for study in a master's degree in library and information studies from an ALA-accredited program. Students apply for these competitive and prestigious awards directly to ALA. As with other external scholarships, these awards are eligible for up to $10,000 in matching funds from UMSI. 

For application information for external awards, contact the organizations directly; we suggest you consult the Encyclopedia of Associations for more organizations.

Other scholarships and fellowships

Each year The Dialog Corp., a ProQuest business, honors its founder, Roger K. Summit, by sponsoring the Roger K. Summit Scholarship, a $5,000 scholarship for graduate students in the field of library or information science.

Our external scholarships spreadsheet provides information regarding scholarships available to graduate students in the field of library and/or information science. 

Web resources

These Web resources may assist you in searching for additional funding opportunities. Keep in mind that your local bookstore or library may have books which list a variety of other funding opportunities.

Financial Aid Calculators page
Resources provided by U-M's Office of Financial Aid.

College Board Online
A scholarship search database, financial aid calculator, and college search database.

Information about general college resources, including scholarship search, financial aid scholarships, academic resources, and college searches.

FastWEB! -- Financial Aid Search Through the Web
A searchable database of more than 275,000 private sector scholarships, fellowships, grants, and loans.

FinAid: The Financial Aid Information Page
A free, comprehensive guide to student financial aid maintained by Mark Kantrowitz, author of  The Prentice Hall Guide to Scholarships and Fellowships for Math and Science Students, and sponsored by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.

National Association of Graduate-Professional Students
Web site for the NAGPS, including a section on financial aid.

For student loans. A general guide to financial aid with several financial aid calculation forms, a glossary of financial aid terms, and a lender search engine.

U.S. Department of Education
A section on student financial assistance which provides some useful information regarding government support.