UMSI merit scholarships

UMSI merit scholarships range from partial to full tuition coverage, with possible additional benefits, (regardless of residency status) for four semester of full-time MSI coursework. Decisions are made based on the application materials.

There are typically 2-3 rounds of UMSI merit scholarship offers throughout the admission process. The first round is announced in March and the final round later in the spring or summer. 

UMSI merit-based scholarships include an evaluation of the strength of the statement of purpose and personal statement,  letters of recommendation, internship/research/work experience, academic record, demonstration of leadership, service, and indicators of qualities such as creative problem solving and comfort with ambiguity.

While subsequent rounds will still use merit as the primary factor for awards, we will also look at your motivation to attend UMSI and consider the nature of your financial need.  These additional factors can be demonstrated by professional, consistent communication with us.

UMSI master's students who receive scholarships administered by external sources, such as associations, foundations, and corporations, are eligible to request matching funds from the School of Information. For example, scholarships such as the American Library Association's Spectrum Award are eligible for these matching funds.