About the UMSI Statistics Requirement

General info and purpose of the statistics requirement

The MHI degree and several MSI specializations (HCI, IAR, IEM, SC) have an associated 3 credit statistics requirement. These areas in particular may lead to professional work that involves the use of statistics and data analysis and/or the interpretation of statistical data as a central job function. As indicated below there are options available to waive this requirement. A waiver does not reduce the credits required for the degree (48 for MSI or 52 for MHI), but rather allows you to select a different course.

MSI Students

There are three ways for MSI students to satisfy the statistics requirement:  

  1. Take SI 544 Statistics (3 credits).
  2. Take a statistics course in another UM department as a cognate with a grade of B- or better. Courses listed below are pre-approved to count for the SI statistics requirement. To propose a different cognate course as a substitution for SI 544, send the course description and syllabus to umsi.registrar@umich.edu.

    Cognate courses pre-approved as substitutions for SI 544 for MSI students:
    BIOSTAT 501 Introduction to Biostatistics (previously BIOSTAT 503)
    BIOSTAT 521 Applied Biostatistics (previously BIOSTAT 553)
    ECON/STATs 405
    ECON 503 Statistics MAE I
    EDUC 793
    ICPSR summer courses: Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis I & II (must take both)
    ISR Summer Institute: Analysis of Survey Data I & II
    LING 792
    MKT 618 Marketing Research and Design
    NRE 538
    PUBPOL 529 Statistics
    PUBPOL 639
    PSYCH 613 Statistics
    STAT 401
    STAT 412 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
    STAT 415
    STAT 426
    STAT 500 Applied Statistical Methods (Stats 250 is prerequisite)
    STAT 509
    TO 501
    TO 502
    UP 503 Introduction to Statistics

  3. Request a waiver based on previous coursework by emailing umsi.registrar@umich.edu. Attach a transcript to confirm 3 credits of statistics at the graduate level or upper division undergraduate level within the past 5 years with a grade of B or better. Include your name, UMID, degree program / specialization, a course description, and a syllabus, if available. To qualify for the waiver the topics of the course should include:

    Statistics and the scientific method
    Observational study versus designed experiment
    Introduction to probability
    Statistical inference
    Confidence intervals
    One-sample tests of hypothesis
    Two-sample problems; analysis of variance (ANOVA)
    Tests for association and independence (chi-square tests)
    Regression and correlation
    Non-parametric tests

MHI Students

Master of Health Informatics students are required to take SI 544, BIOSTAT 501, or BIOSTAT 521. Those who have previously completed a graduate level statistics course may seek an SI 544 waiver through UMSI as described above. Alternatively, those with significant prior coursework or experience with statistics may take the BIOSTAT 501 exemption exam in the School of Public Health. Questions may be directed to health informatics program staff at healthinformatics@umich.edu.