Information Economics for Management (IEM) specialization

IEM is a fundamental building block within the field of information because a mismatch between individual interests and system goals is pervasive in the problems information professionals face. Careful attention to individual incentives can lead to improvements in information systems and institutions.

Inherently interdisciplinary, IEM takes a broad view of individual motivations for strategic behavior, drawing on economic, psychological, and sociological theories. Game-theory models are used for analyzing strategic interactions. Students draw on computer science for the engineering of systems, and benefit from faculty experts in areas such as reputation systems, recommender systems, prediction markets, and user generated content.

What can I do with a career interest in information economics for management?

Learn more about Xiaohan Yu (MSI '13, IEM and social computing specializations).

MSI graduates with an IEM specialization play an increasingly vital role in achieving organizational success, from assessing management networks for optimal computing capability to leading comprehensive information management strategy development.

Career Industry Areas: Consulting, nonprofits, government agency, healthcare institution, educational institution, computer hardware/software, scientific equipment, research and development, defense, service corporations, Internet search and navigation services, e-commerce, consumer goods

Career Titles: Business analyst, systems analyst, product design specialist, IT consultant, product analyst, data analyst, auction designer/manager, project manager, systems designer, incentive engineer, fundraising systems developer, social networks engineer, CIO

Employment Outlook: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2009-2010 Edition, the employment of IEM-related jobs is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2016. The most active industries recruiting for IEM professionals are technology, marketing, consulting, government, defense, insurance, and financial services.

IEM internships

Students gain valuable experience in southeast Michigan and around the globe. Recent internship sites include:

  • DTE
  • Internet2
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Deloitte Services
  • Intel
  • Grand River Interactive
  • Tang Consulting
  • University of Michigan Press
  • SAP
  • Ace e-Enabling Data Center, Taiwan
  • United Nations-Information Communications and Technology- China
  • IBM- China

MSI-IEM employment outcomes

Organizations employing MSI-IEM graduates have included:

  • Social Toaster
  • Bridge Worldwide
  • High Monkey Consulting
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • NERA Economic Consulting
  • A.T. Kearney
  • Syntel Inc.
  • Compuware
  • Eli Lilley
  • Deloitte Services

IEM specialization requirements (current for 2016-2017)

In addition to the specialization requirements below, MSI students must meet all of the degree requirements of the 48-credit MSI program, including foundations, distributions, practical engagement, cognate, and electives.

Students must complete all 12 credits from the following list of courses, along with meeting the statistics requirement:

  • SI 563: Game Theory (3, Required)
  • SI 534: Theories of Social Influence (3)
  • SI 617: Choice Architecture (3)
  • SI 646: Information Economics (1.5)
  • SI 652: Electronic Commerce (3)
  • SI 686: User-Generated Content (1.5)

IEM students must complete three (3) credits of statistics, either previously completed (transcript required) or taken at U-M. SI offers:

  • SI 544: Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis (3)

Learn more about the Statistics requirement and options to fulfill it.

STIET seminars

IEM students are encouraged to attend the STIET Seminars during the fall and winter semester. When there is an external speaker--approximately six times per semester--there is usually a pre-seminar session with the speaker for interested students.

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For questions or more information about the IEM specialization, current students should contact Academic Advisor Sarah Argiero.  Prospective students should contact our admissions office at