MTOP Letter of Intent

Contents of a letter of intent should include the following:

  1. A brief statement of your education to date at UMSI, especially the courses (e.g., research methods, information visualization, visual persuasion) you think have been most helpful in preparing you for thesis activity generally and for your chosen thesis topic specifically.
  2. A problem statement that tells exactly what you want to do, including the research questions you want to answer.
  3. Several relevant citations to the professional literature to demonstrate what others have done and/or said about the problem.
  4. Some indication of the approach you will use to solve the problem (survey, experiment, interviews, etc.)
  5. The name(s) of the faculty member(s) who might serve as an advisor or thesis committee member.
  6. A list of courses you intend to take that would support your thesis research.
  7. A resume.

E-mail your letter of intent to by April 30th of your second semester at UMSI.