MSI academic advising

Academic advising for MSI students is provided by both faculty and staff. It is very important that students take responsibility for their academic planning and meet regularly with their advisors to develop ongoing advisory relationships.

The mission of MSI academic advising is to:

  • Provide accurate information regarding academic options, policies, requirements, and procedures 
  • Assist students in defining, developing, and reaching your academic goals
  • Enhance students' graduate school academic experience

Staff advising for MSI students

Advisors work to provide students with guidance on course options and academic planning, as well as academic requirements, policies, and procedures.

Staff advisors:

  • Advise students on academic requirements and policies
  • Support students in developing an academic plan in alignment with their professional and personal goals
  • Serve as contact for students experiencing unanticipated crisis situations, disabilities or health concerns, or other personal issues affecting their academic experience
  • Provide support and referrals to campus student support services

To schedule an MSI academic advising appointment, select an appointment time with MSI Academic Advisor Sarah Argiero.

For more information, including Frequently Asked Questions, visit the MSI Intranet.

Faculty advising for MSI students -- An open advising system

Due to the diverse interests of MSI students and the interdisciplinary nature of the MSI program, UMSI has an open faculty advising system for master's students.

During new-student orientation, students meet with faculty member(s) in their interest area(s). After orientation, students are free to see whichever faculty advisor(s) they would like, either by appointment, during office hours, or during the pre-registration advising period each fall term.

To determine which faculty member(s) to see for advising, review the listing of UMSI faculty to learn about their areas of interest and research projects. Or ask a staff advisor for a recommendation based on your interests.

UMSI faculty advisors can provide:

  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Field-specific insights
  • Guidance on course selection and academic planning
  • Suggestions for improving or enhancing your academic performance
  • Information on their research activities
  • Once you have established an advising relationship, faculty may be able to serve as a reference when you apply for scholarships, internships, or jobs.

UMSI pre-registration faculty advising (fall term)

Students may schedule a faculty advising session at any point in the term simply by sending an e-mail message to the faculty advisor requesting an appointment. Faculty e-mail addresses are available in the UMSI faculty directory.

Each fall term, UMSI offers an additional, structured period of advising to facilitate students' planning for the following term. During the two weeks prior to the start of online registration for the winter term, students will have access to an online scheduling tool to sign up for a 20-minute advising session with one or more faculty members. 

For additional information and services related to academic advising, visit the MSI Intranet