MSI degree components

The MSI is a 48-credit degree program, which takes 2 years to complete on a full-time basis and 3-4 years if completed part-time. The MSI degree includes several components that ensure a substantial academic program yet allow for flexibility. 
Mastery Course
Students complete a mastery course or master's thesis in their second year. Mastery courses are special types of courses that require students to demonstrate synthesis of the major theories, methods, and approaches to inquiry and/or schools of practice necessary for entry into a particular career in the information professions. Each mastery course has a series of prerequisite courses that must be taken in advance of the mastery course and requires advanced planning.
Students must accrue 48 credits for the MSI degree. Some students have more focused interests and choose to take additional credits in their area of interest, while others select electives to diversify their skills and knowledge. Courses are organized as introductory through advanced with advanced electives having a prerequisite sequence.  
UMSI Internship Program
Six of the 48 credits are fulfilled through credit-based internships that meet the requirements of the UMSI Internship Program.
Students complete a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 cognate credits (graduate level coursework outside of SI or cross-listed with another department as long as SI is NOT the home department) with a grade of B- or better.