Not a Candidate for a Degree (NCFD) Admission

UMSI offers students a flexible enrollment with the Not a Candidate for a Degree (NCFD) admission status.  Alumni -- and graduates of similar graduate programs at other institutions -- might choose NCFD as a means to enroll for continuing education purposes (such as to take a refresher course for one semester) but not pursue a degree.

Academic credits earned while holding NCFD status are applied toward the student's degree program. NCFD students are not eligible for financial assistance from the School and cannot register for courses until the first day of classes. 

To apply as an NCFD student, please follow all MSI application requirements, however, you will not need to submit letters of recommendation.  Enrollment as an NCFD student is typically part-time for 1-3 terms, evaluated on a case by case basis.  Please indicate your proposed terms of enrollment within your application essay.