PhD program objectives

The doctoral program is a full-time course of study, typically four years post-baccalaureate. The program of study leading to the doctoral degree is organized to attain the following objectives:

• To enable students to engage in advanced study and research with scholars in a variety of information fields, such as economics of information, human-computer interaction, library and information services, organizational issues, archives and records management, new systems architecture, digital libraries, information systems management, and digital documents/digital publishing

• To foster original and scholarly research that contributes to all of these fields

• To enable graduates to integrate their professional education and experience with the larger problems of the information professions

To reach these objectives, students in the doctoral program work closely with one or more faculty members of the school and from their related fields of study. A student’s primary advisor is a key factor to success in graduate school. Members of the field preliminary and dissertation committees will also play important mentoring roles in a student’s academic progress.

Upon admission to the school, each PhD student is assigned a faculty advisor.  This faculty member will assist you in developing your first year of study. As you come to know the faculty better and your research interests crystallize, you may find another faculty member who would better serve that role. Any member of the UMSI governing faculty may serve as a student advisor, as long as the student and faculty member both agree.