What makes our doctoral program different?

The School of Information is unique in our combination of social and technical approaches to understand fundamental phenomena of the digital age. We examine issues such as: how can we design online communities to motivate broader civic engagement? How can we use social network data to improve the accuracy and speed of search engines?  How can we encourage scientists to integrate independent datasets to better understand large-scale phenomena like climate change? How can we facilitate the flow of vital information between practitioners and patients within our health care systems?

Students and faculty explore and seek to understand the major questions that lie at the intersection of people, information, and technology. At UMSI, we conduct research on the innovative systems and services that are transforming the ways we socialize, learn and work.  Areas of current research interest include social computing applications like Facebook and Twitter, user-contributed content on websites such as Wikipedia, and search engines like Google and Yahoo.

At UMSI, students will work alongside researchers who are producing the essential knowledge that businesses, the government, schools, and universities are applying to shape the emerging information society. You will be prepared to influence the direction of the digital revolution with your degree from UMSI.

Nearly all of our world-class faculty are available to mentor and advise doctoral students and many are actively seeking students for the upcoming academic year. Learn more. 

Accepted doctoral students are guaranteed full funding (stipend, benefits and tuition), contingent on academic performance and progress toward their degree. Details here. 

More information about doctoral study at the University of Michigan (including admissions, enrollment, degrees, funding, and placement) is available here.