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Alumni Snapshot: Jatin Gupta

Jatin Gupta

Jatin Gupta
MSI ’18 (Human-Computer Interaction)


Product designer at T-Mobile

My main job is to improve the usability of the T-mobile For Business customer portal and provide a unique and genuine user experience to the users. Throughout the design process, I have to be an advocate for the user and make sure their needs don't get overshadowed by business goals. I also need to educate the team about various terminologies and methods associated with user-centered design.


Advice for getting into the information field

Information is a continuously changing field. You could be at the top today and could become completely irrelevant in just a few years. Thus, make sure you dedicate some time to learning about the latest happenings. The best way to do that is through Medium articles, UX newsletters, UX podcasts, UX conferences, etc.


Most valuable UMSI experience

The experience of being in Alternative Spring Break (Fort Myers, FL) and Elevate Your Passion (part of the UMSI Career Fair) 2018 were amazing for me. ASB puts you in front of actual clients and gives you an opportunity to apply the knowledge you have learned at school to real-world problems. The feedback that you get in Elevate Your Passion helps you polish your passion pitch or helps you craft the answer to the question, "Tell me about yourself.”


Best UMSI memory

Dancing with my peers at the SI formal of 2017

Published Sept. 10, 2020

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