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University of Michigan School of Information


Information & Library Science

A headshot of Anne Beaubien

If you've ever received a scanned article in your University of Michigan email, you can thank Anne Beaubien (AMLS '70) for leading development of the document delivery program at the University of Michigan Library. 

A headshot of Diane Hummel

Diane Hummel (MILS '92) spent decades applying UMSI skills at Spectrum Health to create a central library collection that would benefit both nurses and patients. 

Her advice for students looking for information service jobs: "Just keep at it! Don’t get discouraged, and look in unique places." 

A headshot of John Garrison

John Garrison (MSI '11) says his University of Michigan Library internship was when he “felt the most excitement and sense of possibility.”

Now a professor and librarian at Westminster College, he says “internships are a vital part of getting a job after graduation.”

A headshot of Julie Darling

Julie Darling (MSI '05) is inspiring the next generation of innovators by bringing her makerspace expertise to A2 STEAM School. 

Learn how Julie's UMSI training taught her strategies at the "heart" of being an effective media specialist. 

KT Lowe on a stage next to the Jeopard sign

“Always do the thing. Whatever your 'thing' is — do it. Don’t hesitate.” 

Get advice from UMSI/Jeopardy alumna KT Lowe (MSI '11).

A headshot of Loretta Parham

Loretta Parham (AMLS ’77) has applied her expertise in library administration around the nation, serving Chicago Public Library, Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Library and the Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library.

Her key to success? Flexibility.

A headshot of Lou Devine Sanders

Lou Helen Devine Sanders (AMLS '74) graduated with a master’s in library science from UMSI after growing up in a segregated town where she could not use public libraries.

“I wanted to be able to share my love of learning with others and help connect them to information and resources,” Sanders says. 

A headshot of Paul Trescott Jackson wearing a University of Michigan Alumni shirt

“I loved library work because it has allowed me to develop ongoing things that will hopefully continue forever,” says Paul Trescott Jackson (AMLS '65).

He's helped establish information systems for Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and Motown Records.

Read his advice for students.

A headshot of Suzanne Wones

Suzanne Wones (MSI '00) is bringing discovery and access to researchers at Harvard Library.

Discover how UMSI's core classes have informed her work throughout her career.

A headshot of Derek Cooper

Derek Cooper (MSI '07) is helping health technology clients leverage new imaging data. 

Don't be afraid to take the scariest opportunities, he says. Here's the question you should ask yourself first.

A headshot of Lisa McLaughlin

Lisa McLaughlin (MSI '08) is the CEO and co-founder of Workit Health, a digital addiction care clinic reaching 34 million people. 

Lisa shares her tips for making the most of your time at UMSI.