Donor profile: Jean Song

Jean Song has never known a life without giving back. A recipient of financial and scholarship aid her entire academic career; Jean gives back to all of her educational institutions in the hopes that her gifts help other students get the quality education they may not otherwise have been able to have. Giving back was a value instilled in her from her elementary school days, where even the youngest students gave back to their communities either through volunteer work or participating in fundraisers.

Her first gift to UMSI was also inspired from the financial support she received to attend the school. “I was a recipient of the Professor Miranda Lee Pao memorial scholarship for which I was particularly grateful.” She is also grateful for the ways her time at UMSI fundamentally changed her life: “It reinvigorated my passion for learning and it made me realize how important mentorship is.  I had felt a bit lost academically as an undergraduate, and UMSI made me realize how much I loved learning about topics that were really meaningful for me.  UMSI also showed me the path to academic librarianship which is not a career I had ever considered before.  Most importantly, my academic advisor, my teachers, and the librarians who employed me while I was at UMSI all mentored and nurtured me academically and emotionally when I really needed it.  I am truly grateful to everyone.”

Jean’s time at UMSI also helped her to deal especially well with change, in both her personal and professional life. “UMSI underwent many changes while I was a student (including the name!), but I believe being there as a student during a time of great transition was particularly helpful for me in learning to deal with change after school.” Jean began her career at the University of Michigan Public Health Library, but spent many years at Warner-Lambert and then Pfizer in their Informatics departments. She returned to the University in 2003 and currently is the Research and Informatics Coordinator at the University of Michigan Taubman and Health Sciences Library, where she is able to work with and mentor current UMSI students.

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