Donor profile: Judy Field

Judy Field’s wide and varied career experience working in special libraries, public libraries, government libraries, teaching in universities and working as a consultant has made her an expert in her field. She has served locally and throughout the nation on numerous committees, panels, advisory boards and councils, as editor of journals and as a conference speaker. Among Judy’s numerous honors and awards, she was inducted into the Special Library Association Hall of Fame in June 2010.

Judy’s focus at UMSI was on special libraries, a specialization that at the time had only small student representation, a fact which made her feelings for her specific field and profession even stronger. Judy has endowed a scholarship at UMSI to encourage others who are drawn to the special libraries field to receive the education they need to excel as leaders in the profession.

About giving to UMSI, Judy says, “Giving seemed to me to be a natural act and I feel strongly about our role as Information advisors. As the challenges to our field increased, I felt it was only right to support this program.”

Judy is also passionate about the role that those in the information profession should play in society. “I feel very strongly that our skills have far broader applications than brick and mortar libraries. It worries me how easily people settle on the first piece of information they find…I want our graduates to be ambassadors in helping others understand what information is.”

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