Donor profile: Kathleen Zaenger

Kathleen Zaenger came to UMSI after graduating from the University of Toledo, and thinks back fondly on her favorite graduate school memories:  the information get togethers with faculty and students and attending convocations. She still considers Ann Arbor a vibrant place to be, and she and her husband Dennis Strasser come back to Campus as often as they can, and especially enjoy attending the “Saturday Morning Physics” lectures.

After graduating from UMSI, Kathleen went to work at the East Lansing Public Library as a Reference Librarian.  She spent almost 3 years in East Lansing before she took a job at the Howell Carnegie District Library where she has been the Library Director for 31 years.  She has been active in both the Michigan and American Library Associations throughout her career, and sites professional involvement as the best way to keep up with all of the changes in libraries over the span of her career.

Kathleen has been a loyal donor to the School of Information annual fund for many years, and believes that her gifts can be “a small part of something very big.”

She is also grateful for the support and encouragement she received from the faculty and staff while pursuing her degree.  “They encouraged me and the other students around me to take on leadership roles.  I have always been grateful for those opportunities at Michigan. Others have opened doors for me, so I can do a small part in opening doors for those who come after me.”

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