Donor profile: Lee Hess

Lee Hess is very clear on the reason he contributed a lead gift for educational technology in North Quad, the home of the School of Information. “I get tremendous satisfaction from donating to projects that will be important to technological progress and can offer significant returns, now and in the future,” he says.  “I consider North Quad a once-in-a-generation event, and I’m pleased to be able to contribute.”

Hess predicts that North Quad will become “a second Union” attracting students with its pervasive and cutting edge technology and location on campus.

Hess is chairman of INSTALLS Inc, LLC, which manages installation systems for retailers and corporations, and Spectrum Capital Enterprises. For over 20 years, the Michigan alumnus has served on a variety of advisory boards at the University. “The more I got involved at the university, the more intrigued I became with what UMSI does. The school interests me because it is at the intersection of organizing knowledge and applying knowledge.”

Hess has also provided support for UMSI’s Alternative Spring Break program, as well as seed money for a project that turned into “Bibliobouts” - an online information literacy game created by Professor Karen Markey and others with a three-year Institute of Museum and Library Services grant.

Hess was further drawn to UMSI because he believes his intellectual and financial contributions can be more impactful at a highly focused school. He says, “Investing here can pay material dividends, especially when their potential for future rewards is considered.”

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