Donor profile: Phyllis Simon Mirsky

After graduating from UMSI, Phyllis went on to have a distinguished and highly successful career for almost 40 years at two University of California campuses, UCLA and UCSD. She began her career as a health sciences librarian at UCLA Biomedical library in 1965, and has been recognized as a pioneer in health sciences librarianship. She was instrumental in the development of libraries in hospitals in the Pacific Southwest and was named a Medical Library Association Fellow in 1995, one of the MLA’s highest honors. 

Phyllis believes Michigan and UMSI have been instrumental in her professional endeavors.  “I have always felt that I owed Michigan for my successful career. Michigan’s excellent reputation landed me my first job at UCLA and the AMLS degree helped me in good stead as I progressed up the administrative ladder.”

On giving back to UMSI, Phyllis says it is a personal ethic she learned from her family. “Giving back to the community is part of what we all should do.” Rather than giving to a specific program or scholarship, Phyllis always gives unrestricted gifts. She says that “as a library administrator for many years, I know how important the flexibility of unrestricted donations can be for any program.”

Phyllis has stayed connected to UMSI throughout the years by attending alumni receptions at conferences around the country and reading UMSI newsletters and publications. Before attending UMSI, she received a BS in social welfare from Ohio State University.  

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