Donor profile: Sherry Aschenbrenner

 As the 2010-11 President of the UMSI Alumni Society Board, Sherry Aschenbrenner gives UMSI the generous gifts of her time, passion, knowledge and commitment.  Like many others, Sherry gives back to organizations she has a personal connection to. 

Sherry came to UMSI as a single parent looking to prepare for a permanent career, having worked in various jobs and lived in various places after completing a degree in English and Psychology at U-M.  For Sherry, UMSI was not only a place to acquire relevant skills and to learn about the world of librarianship, it was a place to make long lasting connections, both professional and personal. “I am still grateful not only for what I learned at UMSI, but also for the friends I made. I still see many of them, work with some, and even married one of them! When I consider the impact that UMSI has had on my life, it inspires me to remain involved.”

Sherry has been involved with the UMSI Alumni Society Board since 2008, and served as the 2010-11 President. Of the experience, she says: “I never expected to enjoy being involved with the Alumni Society as much as I have. I would encourage other alumni to get as involved as they can as a way of keeping in touch with the school and with each other.”

After graduating from UMSI, Sherry worked at the U-M Graduate Library on the first U-M Library web pages. She was then hired as one of the first librarians at JSTOR. In her current role as Director of Administration and Internal Communications for ITHAKA, she stays closely connected to the academic community and to libraries of all types and sizes. “My co-workers are librarians, communicators, and technologists – I am continually challenged to keep up and to keep learning!”

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