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“I’ve been helped by so many people that I really feel it’s my responsibility to help others.”
- Jarrett Drake, MSI 2013

Jarrett Drake was the first in his family to complete a college degree when he finished his undergraduate work at Yale University. He knew where he wanted to go next: UMSI. But he also knew that his undergraduate football scholarship wouldn’t follow him here. His application touched the hearts of those reading for admissions that year.

Jarrett applied for one of the few available scholarships that provided full funding. He so impressed the admissions committee that donor funds were pulled together to create an additional assistantship that would tap his interests and talents and give him full funding, allowing him to choose UMSI for his graduate education.

He has already repaid that investment a thousandfold to the community. Not only has Jarrett been a rockstar representative of the school at events around the country, but he also worked on a special archives project in Los Angeles specifically to allow children to experience community art.

“Archives aren’t just objects and things,” he says. “I want to help people reimagine the past using digital technology. UMSI has supported me in helping to build a community archive in Los Angeles, a community art center in Leimert Park where young people feel welcome to experience the archives and re-imagine their connection to history. We help them to dig in to the archives and experience history in a way they haven’t in school.”

The funding for Jarrett’s scholarship came in part from donations by alumni and friends of the school - like you. If it hadn’t been for you, he would never have been able to attend, and the residents in Los Angeles - and Ann Arbor - would have been that much poorer today for not having met him and seen his work.

You can help students like Jarrett realize their dreams in information fields, spreading benefits to real people wherever they happen to go after graduation.

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