UMSI campaign: Innovative faculty research

“Thanks to the MacArthur Foundation, I have been able to take on the task of creating a ‘learning ecosystem’ among non-profit foundations that fund research in the area of cyber-learning.”
- Stephanie Teasley, UMSI Research Professor

UMSI faculty have been leading the country and the world in innovative research, scholarship and education since our beginnings in 1926.

These faculty members have provided students with opportunities to explore new areas in information and library sciences fields, and together, they have developed new bodies of knowledge that have helped to shape the industries our students enter into and the world around us.

With your support, their creative work can continue and expand.

Our faculty have been on the ground floor of many major innovations in information research. We established one of the first information schools in the country. Associate Dean for Research and Innovation Douglas Van Houweling helped establish the architecture of the modern Internet - and was chief executive of Internet 2. Our faculty, in partnership with the U-M Library, led the successful pilot program that resulted in JSTOR, a huge storage repository for journal articles worldwide.

And we’ve always done it with your help: our supporters, alumni and partners.

Our faculty and students are still innovating today in the areas of data analytics, health informatics, digital literacy, online communities, and more. They provide new solutions to current problems that the world faces through collaborative and groundbreaking research.

Our faculty and students have developed the first browser add-on proven to balance, over time, Web surfers’ readership of political content from opposing viewpoints. They have demonstrated just how much that Twitter account affects your incentive to get out there and exercise, and they have shown leaders of virtual groups everywhere how a single introduction can make a difference in how people work together over months.

Professor Michael D. Cohen’s work in emergency room handoffs showed that something as simple as swapping the order in which health professionals talk about patients during shift changes can help save some of the 50,000 lives a year lost due to medical mistakes.

UMSI faculty are not only scholars but also teachers and creative thought leaders, making the school a leader among its peers since its start. You can help those faculty continue and expand their work.


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