Susan Quackenbush makes planned gift to UMSI

Susan Quackenbush (right) with friend and fellow UMSI alumna Kenlee Ray.

Susan Quackenbush, a two-time University of Michigan graduate, (B.S. in Biology, ‘69 (Susan E. Boothe) and AMLS, ‘75 (Susan E. Clark)), recently made a planned gift to the University of Michigan School of Information Annual Fund, a gift she hopes will meet the needs of UMSI students over many years. The Annual Fund is used as needs arise at the discretion of the Dean, and its flexible nature makes it vital to the operation of the school. It has been used to support student awards and organizations, faculty recruiting and hiring and UMSI community activities.  

The education Susan received while attending the School of Information (then the School of Library Science) benefitted her greatly not only by providing her with an understanding and appreciation of the importance of timely information, but as well, useful methodologies for accessing information, analyzing the information and then organizing it.  These skills have been vital to her in her career, and, she says, they are no less important to those embarking on careers now. “In today’s workplace, the ability to hold skills transferable to different jobs even though the technologies keep changing is critical to the flexibility that people must obtain to enjoy viable careers for years to come.” 

Susan’s own career has taken her through several jobs, including working as a medical librarian. She retired several years ago from Thomson Reuters Healthcare, and now spends much of her time travelling and learning new things. 

Susan’s planned gift is through a charitable gift annuity, which she says is the perfect way for her to begin to give back to her alma mater, while at the same time gaining some financial benefits for herself. “The charitable gift annuity I selected enabled me to give an amount I could afford, obtain a tax deduction, and provide me with partially deductible income for the duration of my lifetime. There are many other benefits which I urge interested persons explore.” 

Susan has been close friends with another UMSI alumna, Kenlee Ray (AMLS ’68) since their junior high school days in the West Michigan town of Allegan.  Kenlee was instrumental in helping Susan make her planned gift decision. “When I discovered that Kenlee was Co-Chairperson of UMSI’s Victors’ for Michigan Campaign Council, I contacted her to discuss options.  We decided that this planned gift was a good option for me at this time. I feel very blessed to have enjoyed the benefits of our wonderful university and to have been able to make this gift. I hope to be able to make more gifts in the future.”