Librarianship and Archival Practice

Mastery courses are special types of courses that require students to demonstrate synthesis of the major theories, methods, and approaches to inquiry and/or schools of practice necessary for entry into a particular career in the information professions.

Librarianship and Archival Practice Mastery Course Description

This is a project course in which you will synthesize your previous coursework in accomplishing real-world professional goals. It differs from other UMSI courses because the focus is on application of that synthesized knowledge, not on acquiring new knowledge. This course provides an in-depth capstone experience to those pursuing careers in librarianship and/or archival practice. Based on skills, experiences, and knowledge developed in prerequisite courses, you (alone or with a partner) will assume primary responsibility for planning, carrying out, and evaluating a significant project of approximately 100 hours that aligns to one or more of these professional themes: collections: projects related into materials selection, processing, metadata, cataloguing, weeding, and/or outreach; instruction, programs, or events: projects about the planning, facilitation, project management, marketing, and/or evaluation of formal and informal learning activities or community events; and community engagement and partnerships: projects that assess community needs, identify service gaps and opportunities, seek and nurture new relationships with partner organizations or communities. Work will be conducted in collaboration with a mentor within a professional organization. In very rare cases, projects may be proposed to be conducted without a mentor in the field. Class meetings provide opportunities for feedback from peers and the instructor and engagement around current issues facing the information professions. To maximize the growth and impact of your project during this semester, you will work with the instructor in the semesters leading up to the course to identify relevant prerequisite courses and select a project focus.

Required Courses:

SI 501: Contextual Inquiry and Consulting Foundations 

SI 506: Programming I

Selective required courses:

One of: 

SI 580: Understanding Records and Archives: Principles and Practices 

SI 647: Information Resources and Services

One of: 

SI 622: Needs Assessment and Usability Evaluation

SI 623: Research Methods for Information Professionals

Three of: 

SI 519: Intellectual Property and Information Law

SI 520: Graphic Design and Visual Communications

SI 538: Citizen Interaction Design

SI 547: Engaging with Communities

SI 548: Principles of Software Design for Learning

SI 549: Transform Learning and Teaching with Tech

SI 551: Information Behavior and Search Experience

SI 582: Introduction to Interaction Design

SI 588: Fundamentals of Human Behavior

SI 620: Collection Development and Management

SI 632: Appraisal of Archives

SI 636: Makerspaces, Maker Culture, Maker Tools

SI 643: Instructional Skills for Information Professionals

SI 663: Entrepreneurship in the Information Industry

SI 666: Organization of Information Resources

SI 667: Foundations of Digital Curation

SI 691: Global Information Engagement Program