Blackbaud is a global provider of software and services designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, enabling them to improve operational efficiency, build strong relationships, and raise money to support their missions. The software solutions that Blackbaud develops, sells, and supports are specifically designed to help nonprofits raise money, manage their finances, improve operational effectiveness, and leverage the power of the Internet. Blackbaud supports approximately 24,000 organizations in 83 countries, including colleges, environmental groups, health and human services providers, churches, and animal welfare groups.

There are several different critical skills/competencies necessary for a user experience (UX) professional to succeed at Blackbaud which many SI students possess:

  • Understand the overall purpose of the product, understand the users and quickly learn the domain, and specify the user experience requirements.
  • Work effectively with product managers and developers towards valuable, feasible, and usable features/products
  • Have a solid understanding and appreciation for the strengths and especially the limitations of each major technology, especially for Web-based interfaces.
  • Effectively communicate designs through prototypes and the user experience requirements of those designs through minimal documentation clearly and concisely.
  • Have knowledge/experience of various user experience research methodologies especially contextual inquiry and user testing.


  • Intellectual Horsepower
  • Passion to produce user experiences that will delight customers
  • Strong communication skills
  • Loves to collaborate with other key stakeholders
  • Open minded, continuously willing to learn/grow
  • Drive for results

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