Career resources

The UMSI Career Development Office offers you a wealth of career resources to assist in your career development. We offer you a comprehensive job search toolkit, resources to explore and pursue specific career paths, as well as the most effective and relevant job boards to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to navigate a successful job search now and for a lifetime.

Job search toolkit

Access job search presentation slides and guides developed by our office to help you prepare and navigate an effective job search.

Career Resources for International Students

Career information resources

Review career outcomes and job market information for:

Whatever your degree level and focus, you can access comprehensive resources to explore and pursue the career pathways that await you.  While these resources are organized by the broad range of UMSI career paths, they will also be useful to PhD students who are seeking non-academic opportunities.

Archives and records management

Community informatics

Human-computer interaction

Information analysis and retrieval

Information economics for management

Information policy

Library and information science

Preservation of information

School library media    

 Social computing