Career resources

The UMSI Career Development Office offers you a wealth of resources to assist in your career development. The following Career Resource Guide contains presentation slides and handouts developed by our office to help you prepare for a successful career.  We offer information on job exploration, resume & cover letters, networking, interviewing and internship/job support, and career resources for international students.

Job Search

●     5 Point Job Search The handout contains the top resources for a basic job search and includes information on internal U-M resources, company/organizations, national job boards, industry specific resources and networking.

●     LinkedIn and your job search LinkedIn is a resources that can help you in your job search.  Learn how to strategically use it to connect with colleagues and possible future employers.

●     How to find a part-time job  Find the most common ways of finding a part-time job that can sometimes be directly tied to career goals.

●     Out in your job search  Exploring identity is vital to your relationship with a job or internship search.  This slideshow helps authenticate the job search experience by connecting it to your core values and identity.

●     The following career resource worksheets provide skills and abilities, professional associations, sample employers, job titles, internship sites and previous UMSI internships for specific career trajectories.

●     Data Analyst

●     UX Design and Research

●     Records Manager

●     Librarian

●     Archivist

●     Business IT Analyst

Resume & Cover Letter

●     Resume writing This presentation explains why a resume is a marketing tool that can help you stand out when applying for an internship or job.

●     Resume minimum requirements Follow these minimum requirements to ensure a top-notch resume. Tips include notes on structure, education, experience, honors and awards and skills.

●     Cover letter writing Writing a good cover letter can determine whether or not you receive an offer for an interview. This slideshow provides the dos and don’ts for writing an effective cover letter to accompany your resume.

●     Resume and Cover Letter writing guides.  These extensive guides gives you in-depth content on how to make the most of your resume and cover letter.


●     Networking for introverts While focusing on introverts, this slideshow can be used by anyone wanting basic tips on networking.

●     Career fair preparation Career fairs can be overwhelming. This slideshow helps you best prepare for the networking that takes place at one of these types of events.


●     Interviewing for success This slideshow provides expectations for job interviews and helps you develop a good story that can make an impression.


Career Outcomes

●     Career Outcomes and job market information is provided for all degrees offered at UMSI.  Explore the links below to discover more about the possibilities associated with your degree.

●     Bachelor of Science in Information

●     Master of Science in Information

●     Master of Health Informatics

●     PhD in Information

Additional Career Resources 

●     LGBTQ career resources The Career Center has resources, web and print publications and lists professional associations for those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (and/or questioning).

●     Students with disabilities career resources The Career Center answers frequently asked questions that those students with disabilities may have and provides additional resources that might be helpful

●     Additional resources for students with disabilities

Career Resources for International Students

●     U.S. Job Search for International Students: Learn about employment authorizations, options to work in the U.S, including OPT and CPT timelines and requirements.

●     Companies Hiring UMSI International Graduates: Identify organizations that actively recruit & hire UMSI international students for jobs and internships.

● H1B Search: Search for the companies that petitioned for H1B visas in the past year. Click on Goinglobal, then H1B Info, then H1B Plus.

●     USA Career Guides: Identify H1B companies by state.

●     U-M International Center:  Receive comprehensive advising regarding employment options, discover career resources, attend U.S. job search workshops, and find support through social events.

 OPT Extension

F-1 students who anticipate use of their initial 12-month Optional Practical Training period may be eligible to apply for 17 months of additional OPT work authorization under a qualified Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Extension, cumulating in a total of 29 months of work authorization. These extensions are available only in specific fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and only with eligible employers. While an additional 12-month regular OPT may be granted at each higher degree level, the STEM Extension may only be authorized once per student. MSI students from all UMSI specializations are eligible to apply for the 17 month extension.

Eligibility for a STEM Extension

Eligible students may apply for the OPT STEM Extension with a recommendation from their sponsoring academic institution. You must meet the following eligibility criteria:

●     You maintain valid F-1 status, and pursue authorized post-completion OPT employment directly related to your field of study at the University of Michigan School of Information

●     You completed your most recent Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate degree in a STEM field, as designated by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

●     Your current or future employer must be enrolled in the E-Verify database

●     You were not previously authorized for a 17-month STEM Extension at any degree level

E-Verify note: The E-Verify database is an internet-based system operated by the United States Department of Homeland Security in partnership with the Social Security Administration. Enrolling in E-Verify requires participating employers to verify the employment eligibility of all newly hired employees, regardless of citizenship. Some U.S. employers are not enrolled in E-Verify. Be sure to discuss this option and determine eligibility with your employer.

 For more information, review the U-M International Center website on the STEM extension for students holding an F-1 visa.