Open.Michigan is a University of Michigan initiative, based in the Medical School's Office of Enabling Technologies, that helps faculty, staff and students find, use and create openly licensed content. We provide a range of services to the U-M community including: tools for clearing and publishing content under open licenses, resources and education about creating and using openly licensed content, and consultation about how to make information more adaptable and useful across institutions. Open.Michigan strives to sustain a thriving culture of sharing knowledge at U-M and to provide comprehensive public access to all of U-M's scholarly output.

Open.Michigan values a deep set of complementary skills. Because we are a small team, contributors must have the ability to independently manage multiple projects, conduct research, perform contextual inquiry and understand many components of information policy, organization, archival practices and search and discovery. All these skills and responsibilities are emphasized and practiced at the School of Information. Students who actively seek out a well rounded degree from the School of Information are highly suited to work at Open.Michigan.

Students at the School of Information have the interdisciplinary perspective and skills that are necessary to perform well at Open.Michigan. The School provides students with experiences and opportunities to learn and test a suite of skills that incorporate a "big picture" view of how information is organized, used, and what tools are contextually appropriate to solve information needs. We know that when we hire from the School of Information, we are more likely to get students who are agile problem-solvers and who have been trained to effectively work on projects independently.

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