Salary and employment outcomes

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UMSI salaries are competitive and are reported as some of the highest for the information field. As an emerging field, the value of information degrees is on the rise. Students are taking on newly created jobs to meet new organizational needs, and some are being hired for positions that employers have traditionally filled with MBA or CS graduates. We have provided salary ranges of recent graduates by industry below to help with benchmarking, negotiation, and evaluation.

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UMSI graduates' salaries vary according to type of organization, size of organization, geographic location, skills and experience, and level of position, and the compensation model of the organization. When evaluating job offers, salary is not the only factor that students consider.  Students also take into consideration such factors as benefits, type of work, work culture, and work/life balance.





 UMSI salaries remain competitive and currently hold the highest ranking according to the Library Journal salary report. Overall average salary reported this year across all industries was $68,000, which is an 8% increase from the previous year. Given the diversity of industries, organizations and geographic preferences, UMSI graduates’ average salaries vary significantly, ranging from $35,000 to $110,000 this year.

UMSI internship salaries

Overall average salary (for all industries): $17/hr

Salaries by industry

  • Consumer Products/Services: $25/hr
  • Computer: Software/Internet: $21/hr
  • Nonprofit: $18/hr
  • Consulting: $18/hr
  • University/College: $16/hr
  • Government: $16/hr
  • Special Library: $14/hr
  • Multimedia/Publishing: $13/hr
  • Public Library: $12/hr
  • Academic Library: $12/hr
  • Museum/Historical Society: $11/hr