Recruiters: connect with student organizations

Promote your organization by connecting with student organizations. By connecting with student organizations, you have an exclusive opportunity to promote your organization, while identifying and working with top talent.

Student organizations are an excellent way to make a connection with UMSI students for recruiting purposes. Many recruiting organizations find that making connections with the many student organizations on campus to be an easy and effective way to increase brand-recognition and to identify potential candidates adept in team settings, demonstrating leadership, and high-achieving in their functional skills.

Below is a list of options for connecting with student organizations:

  • Employer presentations or brown-bag seminars
  • Resume, cover letter, or portfolio review sessions
  • Employer panels
  • Design Jams
  • Service projects
  • Mock Interviews (in-person, video, or telephone)
  • "Ask the Recruiter" sessions
  • Sponsorship of off-campus activities
  • Or make your own!

Check out the many diverse Student Organizations at UMSI to learn more, and then contact the Career Development Office to discuss your needs and to get connected.