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M Library LIT/Library Systems

Library Information Technology (LIT) at the University of Michigan, launched in 1993, is a program focused on the development and maintenance of digital resources and the provision of technology management services for the University Library system. LIT focuses on developing and managing digital collections and access tools, developing and supporting server-based technologies for the delivery of library services, maintaining the University Library's library management systems, and providing frameworks and systems to federate distributed information resources. Library Systems is the department within LIT that is primarily responsible for the Library’s ILS (Aleph) and VuFind OPAC.

Visit their main Web site: www.lib.umich.edu/library-information-technology

U-M Hatcher-Shapiro Libraries/Knowledge Navigation Center

The Hatcher-Shapiro Library Complex sits at the center of the University of Michigan’s campus and houses the Graduate and Undergraduate Libraries. The Knowledge Navigation Center (KNC) is a technology support site located in the Graduate Library. KNC staff introduce users to technologies which enable them not only to identify, retrieve and manage knowledge resources, but also to use the technologies to create and disseminate knowledge. KNC staff also facilitate collaboration across the University, linking users to other specialists within the library system and beyond into the vast intellectual and technical community for ongoing support and completion of projects.

Visit their main Web sites: www.lib.umich.edu or  www.lib.umich.edu/knowledge-navigation-center

U-M Kresge Business Administration Library

The Kresge Business Administration Library serves the research, instruction and curriculum needs of the faculty, students and staff of the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.  The Kresge Business Administration Library is a charter member of the Academic Business Library Directors group and is one of the leading business libraries in the country. The Library is independent of the main University Libraries at Michigan, receiving funding from the Ross School of Business. This allows the library to focus on the specific information resource needs of the Ross Community, especially in support of faculty research and action-based learning programs (such as MAP). While independent, it works closely with the University Libraries at Michigan on collaborative purchases and services.

“Over the past few years, we have expanded our services to the Ross Community at Kresge Library.  This work would have been impossible without the wonderful UMSI students that we have been able to work with.  Either as a student supervisor (who manages the library on evenings and weekends), through practical engagement projects (PEPs) focused on reference services or class-based consulting work (SI 501), the UMSI students have been critical in our goal of reinventing the academic business library here at Kresge.  I have been very impressed with their interest in our library, their intellectual curiosity and their strong desire to help our patrons.” – Corey Seeman, Director, Kresge Business Information Library (University of Michigan)

Visit their main Web site: www.bus.umich.edu/kresgelibrary

U-M Law Library

The University of Michigan Law Library houses one of the world’s most remarkable collections of research materials.  With nearly one million volumes, it is a center for legal research for students, faculty, lawyers, judges, and scholars from around the world.  Our Library collection includes print and online access to reports of the American federal and state courts, as well as the court reports of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, and most European, Asian, and South American countries. The constitutions, codes, and statutes of each state and of most foreign countries are kept retrospectively and up-to-date. Legal documents for the UN, the EU, the WTO, and other inter-governmental organizations represent a particular strength of the collection. There are extensive special collections in the fields of Roman law, international law, comparative law, trials, biography, and legal bibliography.

"The Law Library actively recruits UMSI students to work in all areas of the Library:  Reference & Faculty Services (for UMSI students with JDs or in the joint Law/UMSI program), Cataloging, Acquisitions, Preservation, web design and others."

"We recruit UMSI students because they are intelligent, committed to the profession and they possess a variety of talents and skills needed in the modern world of information.  UMSI students are multifaceted and are considered invaluable to the work of the Law Library."

Visit their main site: www.law.umich.edu/library

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