Why hire a UMSI student?

UMSI graduates are working as leaders and change agents across all industries connecting, people, information, and technology in effective and innovative ways in order to address the critical and complex issues and problems facing our fast-paced, global, and increasingly digital society.

Our graduates are making a positive difference in the work they are doing by developing or using information and technology in ways that help to make the world a better place for individuals, groups, schools, businesses, governments, and society as a whole. 

Who’s hiring our grads? Major software firms such as Microsoft, Apple, and IBM; to eBusiness firms such as Google, Amazon and EBay; to social media companies such as Facebook and LinkedIn.  Our graduates are recruited by companies and corporations from small to large in a wide range of industries including healthcare, entertainment, consumer goods, education, consulting, and banking/finance; nonprofit organizations and government agencies; public, academic, research, school, and corporate libraries; national libraries such as the Library of Congress and the National Library of Medicine; private and public archives including the National Archives and Records Administration; and museums and cultural institutions.  You will quickly discover that our graduates’ career opportunities and skill sets are diverse.  As a result, our graduates prove to be resilient through the changing economic scene and job market. 

Employment profile

Refer to our most recent Employment Report to gain a comprehensive overview of what our graduates are doing.

UMSI student profile

60 doctoral students

160 BSI students

400 MSI students

60 MHI students

MSI and MHI students include:

  • MSI- 28 percent Michigan residents; 37 percent international students
  • MHI- 53 percent Michigan residents; 8 percent international students
  • Average undergraduate GPA of 3.5 on 4.0 scale
  • 7.5 percent minority students
  • Age range from 21 to 57 (average in mid to upper 20s)
  • Most have two to four years full-time experience, many have five to 10-plus years of experience

Sampling of skill areas of UMSI students and graduates

  • Complex web design/development
  • Database design and management
  • Reference and information services
  • Usability evaluation/testing
  • Information search and retrieval
  • Information architecture
  • Cataloging and indexing
  • Collaborative/distance technologies
  • Digital archives and preservation
  • Electronic records management
  • Outreach/public services
  • Archival processing
  • Cataloging
  • Collections development
  • Research
  • User experience research
  • User experience design
  • Project management
  • Teaching
  • Search engine optimization
  • Interactive marketing
  • Web analytics
  • Social computing
  • Business analysis
  • Information privacy and security
  • Data analysis and management
  • Systems analysis
  • IT policy and analysis
  • Data mining
  • Market research
  • Statistical analysis
  • eCommerce strategy and design
  • Natural language processing
  • Information visualization
  • Graphic design
  • Management consulting
  • IT consulting
  • Healthcare consulting
  • Cloud computing
  • Health Informatics