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University of Michigan School of Information


Recruit for diversity

Build your brand as an employer committed to DEI: Discuss your company's commitment to diversity! 

UMSI Career Development Office attributes our being a top source of talent to the diversity of our students. Our students value organizations that not only emphasize diversity in recruiting practices but that also foster an inclusive environment and support diverse populations in their everyday work life. 

Recruitment is one thing, retention is another. This resource is intended to provide you with some quick tips for talking to students about your organization's commitment to diversity. Providing evidence that the company has support structures in place to ensure the success of underrepresented employees is essential. 

Our students want to know…

How does your company foster an inclusive culture? 

  • Does your company have mentoring programs? Employee affinity groups? Family-friendly programs such as job-sharing?  
  • Does your company have unbiased retention in the workforce, meaning that employees are retained at equal levels regardless of race/ethnicity or gender?
  • What does diversity look like at all levels, particularly at the management, executive and board levels?

Is your company recognized for corporate policies and practices pertinent to specific populations?

Where and with whom does your company do business?

  • Do your company’s suppliers include small, women-owned, minority and/or LGBTQ suppliers?
  • Does your company conduct business with and/or have products made in countries that do not protect the human rights of their workers?
  • What are the causes that your company’s charitable efforts benefit?

How does your company comply with federal law?

  • What is your company’s non-discriminatory policy on sexual orientation and gender identity?  Does your company have a proven track record of having no civil rights violations?  

How inclusive are your benefits packages?

  • What are your company’s spousal/partner benefits? 
  • Does your company have a maternity/paternity leave policy?
  • Do your company’s benefits include transgender inclusive health insurance coverage? 

Become a recognized diversity, equity and inclusion employer

  • Involve representatives and alumni in your recruiting activities who reflect your organization and the employees you would like to recruit.
  • Provide evidence of your DEI commitment to inclusive recruiting practices and culture (Corporate Equality Index).
  • Sponsor or engage with diversity-focused UMSI student organizations and communities such as Multi-Ethnic Information Exchange (MIX) and OUTformation.