Yahoo! Speaker: Patrick Keilty

Thu, 01/14/2016 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Ehrlicher Room, 3100 North Quad 

Desire by design

This talk examines the strategic interface designs of online pornography websites that pull viewers into a trancelike "flow" that requires no complex cognition. Viewers constantly shift to new images, creating a process of browsing in which pleasure derives from the habitual and repetitious delay and deferral of satisfaction. Within this flow, viewers are absorbed in the process of browsing online, blurring the distinction between human and machine. However, in contrast to mechanistic understandings of design, which focus on feedback loops that minimize frustration and maximize satisfaction and efficiency, the design of pornographic video streaming sites is often labyrinthine, rambling and chaotic, creating an environment for wandering, browsing, and meandering. Such an approach to design recognizes a probabilistic interaction with interface and reveals interface as a cultural value system that finds expression in the graphical organization of information.

A light lunch will be served.

About the speaker:
Patrick Keilty

Patrick Keilty, an assistant professor in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto and an instructor at the Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies there, works at the intersection of digital studies, technology studies and information studies. In particular, his research and teaching in digital studies focuses on visual culture, pornography, metadata and database logic, database cinema, critical theory and theories of gender, sexuality and race. 

This event is co-sponsored by UMSI and the LSA Department of American Culture Digital Studies program.