CID Speaker Series: Laurenellen McCann

Tue, 03/28/2017 - 4:00pm

Ehrlicher Room, 3100 North Quad

Build With, Not For

The Citizen Interaction Design program sponsors an appearance by Laurenellen McCann, a social practice artist and internationally recognized expert in civic engagement and community technology.

Laurenellen McCann will discuss their work in addressing the need to invest more in the “civic” in civic tech — prioritizing community leadership and stewardship in the lifecycle of public interest technology. They will do so from the perspective of non-binary gender identity in an industry that often struggles with diversity and inclusion internally.

Speaker bio:
Laurenellen McCann (@elle_mccann) is an educator and organizer known internationally for their work on power-shifting approaches to civic engagement, reform, and innovation. In 2014, they helped start the movement to prioritize community-leadership in civic technology under the banner, “build with, not for.” Currently, Laurenellen participates in D.C. local efforts to support resilience, resistance, and protect human rights during our new political regime and the hereafter. In the past, they've co-designed community impact evaluations (New America DC, Smart Chicago Collaborative), taught local governments how to structure projects for meaningful public contribution (Sunlight Foundation, Center for Government Excellence, Open Technology Institute, Funk Parade), lead anti-oppression and bias discovery trainings for institutions (New America, Code for America Brigades), lobbied on the freedom of information act (Sunlight Foundation), and "gave birth" to a giant cardboard dinosaur/community mascot. L(e) is the author of “Experimental Modes of Civic Engagement in Civic Tech” (2015) and a contributor to the (Re)Building Technology zine. They sit on the board of Exhale Pro-Voice, are a proud member of the Design Justice National Network and The Curious Citizens Project, a DC-based public arts collective. In 2013, TIME Magazine named them one of 30 folks under 30 changing the world. More at