MLK: A new vision of shared community

Wed, 01/17/2018 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm

Space 2435 North Quad

Ron Jones

As part of a week of activities in conjunction with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr national holiday, UMSI's Diversity Committee presents a lecture and group activities led by Ron Jones, co-founder of Dialogues on Diversity, a social justice theater company.

Ron Jones will present a performance-based lecture with fun activities about the greater (and mostly unspoken) legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.

King's "poor people's campaign" was one of the most multicultural, intergenerational, and socially integrated movements of its day.  It broke down many of the old lines of difference that had defined us to date.  The legacy of that movement was never fully embraced, but it is not beyond us, Jones says.

Jones will use this performance/lecture to frame a few games and activities that  will help people understand the nature of cultural narratives and how they can start to have more meaningful conversations across cultural divides.

Dialogues on Diversity uses theatrical models to make their message of difference, inclusion and social justice accessible, engaging and entertaining. They offer a range of fun, interactive, and informative programs designed to educate and entertain, or "edutain," through satire and parody. They've discovered that humor helps people open up when engaging complex and complicated issues.​

Award-winning, and highly praised, their programs have been profiled by major media outlets, including CNN, The Washington Post and Fox News.

Lunch is provided. All members of the UMSI community are welcome to attend. RSVP here.

The event is sponsored by the UMSI Diversity Committee.