Get Seen. Be Heard. Unlock Your Executive Presence

Mon, 03/18/2019 - 8:30am to 11:30am

Ehrlicher Room, 3100 North Quad

SI-663 is an experiential-learning practicum. Get Seen. Be Heard. Unlock Your Executive Presence is an experience-based session led by Carol Lempert and sponsored by Arts Engine

Participants will be on their feet doing improvisational exercises that will help improve their presence by practicing the skills actors use to have great stage presence. 

Real-world entrepreneurship requires confidence and poise. This session will unpack The Mechanics of Presence Framework that gives successful intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs that confidence. Take aways include:

  • Owning the room (important in any VC pitch)
  • How to demonstrate gravitas by improving body language and gestures
  • Being expressive and being seen (important for being taken seriously by investors)
  • Practice ‘thinking on your feet’ (important in any Q&A)
  • Using the 5 P’s of vocal variety (especially helpful on conference calls)
  • Deep breathing to manage nerves

Participants will get immediate feedback and coaching from Carol on their presence. Additionally, students will be exposed to the kind of Learning and Development Fortune 500 companies invest in everyday. 

Speaker Bio  

Carol Lempert is a keynote speaker, executive coach and learning designer with 20+ years of business experience. She believes that great communication, high performance, strong presence and inspiring leadership are intrinsically linked—and learnable. Carol has a Master's degree in Communication and started her career as a professional actress. She has appeared on film, TV and stage with the likes of Jimmy Smits, Linda Hamilton and Jane Krakowski.

Before moving to New York, Carol led a start-up consultancy in Toronto, Canada as VP, Learning & Development implementing strategy plans, developing new accounts and growing the business 20X to over $5M. Born and raised in Oak Park MI, she now lives way off-Broadway with her husband in a cozy home near the Hackensack River. She’s been known to eat Haagen Dazs ice cream for breakfast.

This event is part of SI-663, but open to the UMSI community. Guests are requested to RSVP.