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University of Michigan School of Information


UMSI Donor Honor Roll

Fiscal Year 2019 (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019) **

We are honored to thank and recognize our donors for their generous support of UMSI in fiscal year 2019. In addition to those who have given in fiscal year 2019, we would like to acknowledge and thank our donors who have given $10,000 or more over their lifetime and current members of the University of Michigan John Monteith Legacy Society.

Your gifts allow the school to fulfill its mission to create and share knowledge, so that people will use information - with technology - to build a better world. Thank you!

Gifts of $10,000 or more

Catherine and Kevin Alloway

Dan and Monica Atkins

Anne Beaubien and Philip Berry

Jason and Holly Blessing

Don and Nancy Bliss

Walt Borland

Wanda Calhoun*

John and Karen Cameron

Irene Cheung

David Choi

Margo Crist

John Daball

Judith* and Nathaniel Field

C. Olivia Frost and Robin Downes

Margaret and Jackson* Hammitt

Karen Horny

Yong Huang and Yang Xu

Kenneth and Linda Jones

Barbara Lewis*

Gerald Miller*

Lawrence and Susan Mondry

Barbara Longon Yaney Palmer

Kenlee Ray

Alyce Sigler

Clarence Walters

J. Karyl L. Winn*

Gifts of $5000 or more 

Hilary Cohen

Lynn and Joseph Feeney

Thomas Finholt and Stephanie Teasley

Margaret Hedstrom

John and Kathleen King

Kathryn and Thomas Prior

Suyong Song and Seiyoung Seo

Kathryn Taylor, In Memory of Weyman Ivan Lundquist

James Tchobanoff and Mariann Cyr

Darrow Wood

Gifts of $1000 - $4999

Anonymous (3)

Keith Amidon

Linda Angold Grix and Arthur Grix

Patrick Ashley

Francis Buckley and Bill Wolfolk

Lou Devine Sanders

Nancy Gwinn and John Cole

Dawn and James Hammel

Deborah and Addison Igleheart

Patricia and Richard Kirschner

Fred Lawson and Debbie Rechter Lawson

David Levine and Laura Kaufman

Diane and William Lloyd

Jean and Ronald Milligan

Phyllis and Edward Mirsky

Emily Mobley and William Royston

Maureen and Winston Moore

Robert Parks

Elizabeth Salzer and Richard Baumgartner

Patricia and Charles Smith

Gary and Carolyn Strong

Lynn Sutton and William Kane

Evelyn Swenson

Laura Van Vlack-Ailes

Elizabeth Yakel

Wayne and Mary Ziobro

Gifts of $500 - $999

Anonymous (2)

Elizabeth Allen and Kevin Sherlock

Deborah and Robert Armitage

Maya Bernstein

Charry Dake Boris

Mary Case and Edward Fishwick

Susan Christoff

Valleria and Harry Cook

Deborah Dancik

Thomas Dorst and Connie Poole

Connie Dunlap

Carol* and Harvey Ferrero

Juana and Victor Flores

Ruth Gambee

Darren Gergle

Mary Sue Grant

Elizabeth and Robert Herbst

Jeffrey Horrell and Rodney Rose

Diane and Paul Hummel

Ying Ying Liu

Frances Lyman

Carol and Robert Martin

Wendy and Todd Mason

Valerie McNiff

Shane Mueller and Elizabeth Veinott

Dale and Kathryn Myers

Ning Nan

Heather Newman

Steve and Ashley Oney

Sandra Palfrey

Pauline Park and Jack Panitch

Ann Pollack

Mary Jo Pugh

Gleniece and Harry Robinson

Thomas Rohrer

Dorothy and Charles Rowe

Michelle and Benjamin Sweetser

John Szabo

Bonnie Wilkinson

Gifts of $250 - $499

Anonymous (5)

Mary and Frank Agosti

Catherine and Malcolm Alexander

Nancy and James Baker

Grace Baysinger and Frank Dennis

Mary Beasley

Thomas Bishop

Richard and Amy Braunstein

Ronnie and Edwin Budge

Mary and Gordon Buitendorp

Ellen Cha

John Cole and Lucy Reuben

Robena and Gary Cornwell

Kyle Cozad

Mariann De Flon

A. and Paulinda Deller

Stella Dickman

Jo Ann and Richard Dionne

Melanie Dunshee

Jonathan Eldredge

Nancy Fitzpatrick Hess and Charles Hess

Kristin Fontichiaro

Miriam Ford

Yan Fu

George Furnas

Barbara Ginn

Floyd Hardy

Dan Horn and Debra Speert

Laura Isenstein and James Alsip

Elaine Jurumbo

Joosung Kim

Claudia and James Klee

Jerome and Rosemarie Klopfer

Mark Knoblauch

Ann Krantz

Marilyn Larson

Margot Lyon and David Bolton

Sonya Matchan

William Mcnitt

Judith Michaelson

Karen and Guadalupe Mier

Thomas Mobley

Barbara and Thomas Nanzig

Larry Neal and John King

Maeve O'Higgins

Karen Ostertag

Rebecca Pagels

Dale Parry

Barbara and William Perry

Casey Pierce

Elisabeth Rebman

Marilyn and John Rintamaki

Lois and Steven Saltman

Vanette Schwartz

Donna Sees and David Fenstermacher

Gail Sonnemann and Samuel Brylawski

Evelyn Timm

Kentaro Toyama and Jasmit Kaur

Jim and Diana Wegner

Chuck Wilbur

Glenn and Terri Wilson

Yi Yang

Gifts of $250 or more to the Order of Angell

Anonymous (1)

Eric Arnson

T. Neale and Louisa Attenborough

Bryan and Jennifer Baehr

Leland and Valerie Bisbee

Joshua Blumberg

Richard Borenstein and Yigal Levi

Michael Brooks

Steven Carnevale and Kelly Gorman

David and Kim Dougherty

F. Scott Kellman

Jonathan Krasnov

Patrick and Kelly McGinnis

Carly and Todd Melton

John and Donna Pantowich

Paul Schissler

Catherine Tamarelli and Jason Kramb

John Monteith Legacy Society

Anonymous (4)

Catherine and Kevin Alloway

Jean Ando

Esther Ayres*

Steven Barkan

Anne Beaubien and Philip Berry

Irene Berkey

Margaret Beshore*

Jeremy Birnholtz

Elizabeth Bishop

Thomas Bishop

Christine and Herbert Black

Joyce Bonk*

Walt Borland

Kathlyn Bowersox*

Francis Buckley and Bill Wolfolk

Forrest Carhart*

Charlotte Cole*

Harry Courtright

Jane Crabill

Deborah Dancik

Rodger Devine

Connie Dunlap

Michael Elledge

Judith* and Nathaniel Field

Suzanne and Richard Frankie

C. Olivia Frost and Robin Downes

Barbara and Robert Ginn*

Mary Sue Grant

Nancy Gwinn and John Cole

Margaret and Jackson Hammitt*

Mark Handel

Frederick and Betty Hicks

Karen Horny

Jeffrey Horrell and Rodney Rose

Jay Jackson

Gerard Jendras

F. Scott Kellman

Cory Knobel

Mark Knoblauch

Michael Kolakowski

Maxine Lahti*

Susan London

Jeffrey MacKie-Mason and Janet Netz

Gerald Miller*

Phyllis and Edward Mirsky

Emily Mobley and William Royston

Mary Monaghan

Gary and Judith Olson

Barbara Longon Yaney Palmer

Robert Parks

Wendi Pohs and Michael Kilgore

Katharine Preston*

Susan Quackenbush

Kenlee Ray

Selma Richardson

Jane Rollman*

Esther and Barry Sherman

Alyce K. Sigler

Theodore Slate

Mayumi Taniguchi

Charles Townley

Mitch Turitz

Margaret Tuttle*

Patricia Wand

Marian West

Joy Wezelman

William Wilson

George and Gladys Zubulake 

**The dates for fiscal year 2019 are from July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019. If you made a gift after June 30, 2019, you will be included in the fiscal year 2020 honor roll next year. 

*Indicates the deceased.

We have made every effort to ensure that the Honor Roll is accurate and complete. If, however, you discover an error or omission, please let us know by contacting the Office of Development & Alumni Relations at or 734-763-2281.