Global Information Engagement Program

In 2017, seventeen students will travel to Cape Town, South Africa and work in teams at four different non-profit organizations.

The need for innovative information tools is a global challenge.

The Global Information Engagement Program (GIEP) is an innovative approach to learning which partners non-profit, research, and educational organizations in an international setting with carefully selected student teams. This program seeks to operationalize the skills of professional master’s degree students at the University of Michigan to develop sustainable information management practices that have positive societal impact. Project teams from UMSI and University graduate programs spend a semester studying and creating plans for implementation of an identified information challenge that has high social impact value.

GIEP, after a successful first year, is returning in 2017 to Cape Town, South Africa. In GIEP, student teams leverage their emergent skills in content management and delivery, contextual inquiry, needs assessment, product ideation, consultation and a deep understanding of the complex relationships between people, information, and technology to address context sensitive information challenges (management, access, design ICT-related) commonly faced by participating heritage and NGO organizations.

Student Application

The 2017 GIEP application for students closed in January 2017.  Information on the 2018 program and application will be available in Fall 2017.  

Visit the Fellows page to learn more about the application, expectations, and eligiblity for student participants.

Interested participants and potential project partners can hear from students and community organizations about their experiences of be part of GIEP on our Student Stories page.  Visit these other pages to access summaries of past projects and biographies of past student participants.

Community Partners

GIEP is seeking social sector organizations in Cape Town, South Africa to host students for nine weeks in summer 2018.  If interested in exploring project opportunities and program parternship, email   Visit the For Organizations page to learn more about the experience of hosting students and the sort of projects being sought.


Faculty: David Wallace, South Africa, 2016-2017
Program Manager: Kelly Kowatch
Media Enquiries: Heather Newman
U-M News Service: Bill Foreman
Faculty: Joyojeet Pal, India, 2014-2015